The tech behind the treatment

The speed and comfort of the Visumax 800

There’s a popular saying that a worker is only as good as the tools they use. While not entirely accurate, it certainly helps when a skilled craftsperson can access the best possible equipment. For our new clinic we have the leading edge in laser technology thanks to the Zeiss Visumax 800.

Following its initial launch in 2021, this femtosecond laser has seen a range of updates and improvements, improving both clinical performance and patient experience. The Visumax 800 laser delivers an improved pulse repetition rate and a high-performance laser scanning system, resulting in a far faster operation with less stress for patients.

There are added efficiencies for our team too, particularly as there are now two screens to use. One screen is used for data management pre-surgery and can as a portal for the theatre assistant to observe the procedure. The other screen provides comprehensive visualisation for the surgeon during the docking process and throughout the surgery.

The docking set-up isn’t just more comfortable for the surgeon. The 800 differs from previous Zeiss models in that the docking system lowers the laser onto the eye, rather than raising the bed to the laser. The patient can stay in one position for a far more comfortable process.

The speed, efficiency, and precision this technology provides to SES Laser is second to none. It is how we can now offer laser eye surgery to Christchurch and the wider South Island that is as fast as it is effective (and as comfortable as it is fast).